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Help Location of downloaded apps...?


Feb 13, 2011
Hi guys. This might sound stupid, or repetitive, so I appologise in advance.
I recently had my SGS updated to 2.2 and noticed a couple of strange apps installed, such as Quran and Prayer Time. Now I've tried to remove them via the standard 'remove app' on the SGS, but found I had to root the phone, which I did. I've now tried to download Ti Backup to delete the above files, and it lets me download the app (Ti Backup) however I can't seem to locate it on my phone, and it doesn't create a shortcut in my apps. Am I am doing something wrong? I've also noticed I no longer have a short cut to the Android Marketplace on the phone.

Thanks for any help.


Hi mate, thanks for the reply.

The problem is, I can't find Titanium Backup anywhere on my phone to either run it or uninstall it.

If I go in too settings - manage applications, and ALL or Third Party, Titanium Backup doesn't appear anywhere in the lists, however if I go online to Android Marketplace, and search for Titanium backup, it tells me it's already installed.

To answer the second part of your question..to access Android Marketplace, I have to open the internet browser and load it up manually.
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When you did the update to 2.2 did you a factory reset? I would suggest doing this thing first, make sure you don't have any lag fix running. Do a factory reset from
Settings --> Privacy --> Factory data reset.

After doing so, then you can do the root, and try installing TB and see if you get everything sorted out.
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