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Location of Program files

I just installed QuickOffice on an Acer Iconia. The APK file is in the download directory. I noticed that the APK files of programs that were preinstalled on the tablet were in the /system/app folder. If i move the Quickoffice.apk file to the /system/all folder would it survive a factory reset? The reason I ask is that QuickOffice installs buy a download link. Once it is installed it can't be reinstalled. We have had 5 tablets bricked by a bad update. I don't want to have to call QuickOffice for a new license when this happens.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Greetings unevenload,

I wasn't sure, so I experimented on an old phone of mine. Moving an app from the data/app folder to the system/app folder, will in fact protect it from a factory reset.

There is a possible catch though. I don't have an app that requires a license on it. That generated file is probably going to be the root of any of your problems. If you can locate it, and make a copy, then you should (sorry, I can only guess at this) be okay. Theoretically, you should be able to replace the generated file after your factory reset is done.

Your going to have to be rooted to do any of this.

Sorry that I could only test part of this. Hope it helps.
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