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Help Location Services/GPS sets incorrect local time


Jan 12, 2016
I'm new to AndroidForums - not sure where this question belongs, so if it's in the wrong place please let me know where I should ask it. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me with this problem.

I have a dashcam running Android 4.04. The dashcam has an external GPS. The problem I'm having is that it seems Location Services, or the GPS driver, is resetting the local time on the dashcam. here's what happens:

1. I set the timezone, local date and time. Timezone is GMT+11 AEDT. Local date and time are correct when I set them.
2. Location Services is ON, with use GPS satellites enabled. (order of steps 1 and 2 don't make a difference)
3. If I refrain from accessing the GPS, either by running the Navigator app, or any other GPS test app that accesses the GPS, the local time shown on the status bar of the dashcam remains correct.
4. If I run the Navigator app, or any GPS test app, the local time shown on the dashcam status bar immediately goes backwards 3 hours (so becomes 3 hours early). The timezone does not change (still says GMT+11 AEDT), but the local time moves by 3 hours.
5. If I then reset the local time, it immediately (within a second) reverts to 3 hours early. It looks as though as soon as the GPS has been accessed, and update from the GPS module automatically sets the local time (incorrectly).
6. If I turn Location Sevrices off (or disable GPS satellites for Location Services) then the problem goes away - but that means I can't use the GPS functionality of the dashcam.

Zoneinfo version was 2013n. I have updated Zoneinfo to 2015g with no change to the symptoms.

Interestingly, any GPS test app that I install (from the Google Play Store - I have installed several) reports both UTC, GPS and local time as 1 hour ahead (that is, 1 hour is added to UTC, GPS and local time).

I have installed a GPS viewer that logs the raw NMEA sentences from the GPS module. I see none that specifically report time and date, but one type of NMEA sentence (RMC) includes both a UTC timestamp and datestamp, and bot are correct.

So, once the GPS module is accessed, something is taking the time and date from the incoming GPS data and converting it to an incorrect local time. I cannot figure out what's doing it, or whether I can fix this by changing a configuration file somewhere. Since it happens with several different GPS apps, I have to think this is happening in the GPS driver, and hopefully there is a GPS configuration file somewhere.

Any ideas?


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