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Locked out of phone due to 3 sim card pin mistakes

John Tate

Nov 14, 2022
Well, I have a pretty simple issue here where after the reboot for the update to the latest version of Android 13, on my Pixel 6 phone I made three mistakes and am locked out of the sim card.

I have to wait until business hours until support with my provider can get me my PUK code to fix this, but for now I can't use my phone at all.

I think there is a way to skip this screen or something which might be a gesture or something on it. I basically just want to use the phone on wifi. Strangely, I can't even seem to power it down by holding the button.

I normally use this phone with the oldschool three buttons enabled on the bottom because I never wanted to learn about gestures and my phone doesn't show them on this screen.

I had trouble with several different google searches because not many people lock the sim card with their own pin, and few of those make three mistakes like this in a row.
I have solved my own problem simply by removing the SIM card at the PUK pin screen on my phone, and it just went away like an SJW having predrinks at my bogan mate Jezza's house.

This thread should remain alive so that people can Google it, which is why I made it in the first place.

With the Pixel 6 and likely other phones removing the sim fixes this issue.
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I never got any carrier to give a PUK code. They either get rude, or accuse me of hacking and hang up on me. I don't know if getting one is even possible. I've just had no luck in all my cellular days. I think if you enter it wrong too many times your SIM goes dead and you have to get a new one.

That could be a thing with the American carriers? As every SIM I've had. the PUK codes have always been in the documentation that comes with the SIMs.
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Yeah around here they don't supply them with the SIM at all. If you're unlucky enough to get SIM-locked and it asks for a PUK or PUK2 code you might as well buy a new phone/SIM. Carriers get rather hostile if you ask them for one. Last time it was asking for the 'unlock/subsidy' code that popped up when I placed my SIM into a supposedly 'unlocked' LTE tablet. They got overtly hostile, insisted I was doing something illegal, and hung up. I had to get a SIM compatible with AT&T and port out my number in the end to overcome it. They certainly wouldn't help me.
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