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looking for a photo app


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Jan 3, 2013
ok i got my tablet going took some time but now it is registered to me. thanks for that help. but what i got it for was our car club photos i would like to put the photos i take from our events and at the meetings have the tablet show them in a looping type display. i have pro show gold but that will not run on the tablet. i downloaded a bunch of apps but they all seem to be able to put the photos in but they show the tool for the creation and i do not seem to beable to get them to just show the photos in a sequence and a loop so they just keep going until i turn off the app.

does anyone know of an app that will let me creat a show with the photos and it will loop until i stop it and will just show the photos and not the rendering part of the program? i figure the rendering has to show for the creation but then when i save it all i see is the show.

ok i think i found one i did a search on the tablet and found a free app that may just be the one for the zenpad and it not only show the photos on the device it found the photos on the sd card i put into the tablet from my camera, and it showed them in a full screen and also if i hit a small arrow button they went into a looping mode and they kept looping at the end of the pictures. so i think i may have answered my own question.it is the photo gallery 3.1 apk if interested.
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ok thanks i found out that app not only will see photos on the device but also fids them on the sd card it is kind of a bare-bones app as it will not let me change the speed but hey it works. i found out that it loops so that is good and if you touch the screen it stops at that photo and then along the top it has dimly lit up an arrow that you touch and it starts from where it left off and starts looping again. the only thing is i do not think it is a bonafide asus app as when it first starts it has what looks like an ad. but you can x it out and it does not return.

so fo the most part i think it will do just fine. i can tap it to stop the looping and then swipe it to other photos if needed just in case someone wants to go back or forward to see what they missed. so i believe this is going to do the job just fine.

i only mention all this just in case others are looking for a similar type photo app that allows this to save time looking.

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