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Looking for a tutorial

Hello new to the forum I hope this is the right place to post this. I am looking for a tutorial for a calculation app. I have tried to search around but it is only giving me calculator apps. A little more specific I want my customers to be able to enter 3 different figures and for the app to do some hidden calculations and come out with a number. I have a calculation setup in an excel file on my computer but it would make it much easier if my customers had a app on their phone. Anything close would be helpful. Thank you in advanced for any information leading to a decent tutorial on a calculation app
Just some calculations for in the background is all I really meant. So rather than my customers having to remember an equation they would enter their information and it would spit out the answer. My customers are farmers they sometimes will need to know how many gallons per minute they are putting down of fertilizer. So the "hidden calculations" would be the equation for that. I would like 3 boxes available for them to enter width of tool bar, speed they are traveling and rate at which they are putting down their fertilizer
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