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Looking for an app that will let me organise my constand notifications the way i want.


Nov 28, 2010
I have notification weather in my notifications and i have quickly(i think its called) which puts app links in my notification bar and i have an app which puts my stats in there how many sms i've sent and things like that but they look ugly in the order that they are in, i want to change the order and put the stats above my weather is this possible ? Either in the settings or an app or anything ? I am rooted so any root tweaks would be fine.
OP, as stated before, the won't be able to directly control the order the inner phone boots them up in. Though it's likely an exercise in futility, you can try closing down and reopening the apps in question, in get order you want. Just know that they might rearrange as other notifications come in (hence my qualifier).
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