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Looking for decent, portable speakers


Jul 27, 2010
Hi, it's been some years since I shopped for quality audio, and I do want quality to match the mp3s which can be transmitted (if possible) through my phone. I've been to the local stores, and all I saw were ipod docks which are so cheesy they don't deserve to be called anything remotely like what were called "boomboxes" in the '80s. What I see when I go to Best Buy and Radio Shack now is either ridiculously wimpy, or too extremely huge and goofy-looking. Of course, I want the mp3 port (with standard USB) as well, and I really could care less about CD & tape, so long as there is high-quality sound. Bluetooth, if not wifi would be great too, and if that isn't available (I've spent a couple of hours online looking around, looks like almost everything that was offered is now discontinued), then I would at least need a decent-quality, and portable speaker system with remote contro,l which would work with my HTC Incredible. Can anybody help?

One more thing - I'm willing to pay for quality, up to several hundred if necessary (although at that level it should play nice and make useable space for non-Apple devices, as some of the cheaper devices which I've seen do).
I just picked up a pair of surprisingly good HP speakers from Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago! Two speakers, each about 6-8" tall and connections are one USB (for power) and the 3.5mm audio jack. All for $20 + tax! There is a volume adjuster (makes them even louder than computer's max) on one of them as well.

I was really surprised how well they played for $20! I needed them for my sister's divorce court case and the quality was clear and loud enough to hear across the room (speakers weren't all the way up).

All in all, I think they were worth the $20 we put into getting them. I just wish they were a little more portable and didn't require external power (USB) like another set I purchased about three years ago but gave to one of my past girlfriends. Crap.
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