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Help Looking for old multitrack, multi instrumental MIDI sequencing program with playback

Ho everybody, it's my first post here.

I've been looking for an old PC program used to write and play back MIDI tracks called TabIt, and it displayed the charts as guitar tabs like you find on UltimateGuitarTabs or similar tab sites.

You could program multiple tracks at once, and you could choose from around 100 MIDI sound sets like guitars, pianos, brass, drums and even some simple synths if I recall correctly. You would type a number from 1 to 100 on the lines of the tab to indicate that a note or a sound will play at that time during playback. For melodic instruments the number would indicate a note on the scale in ascending order, and on a percussion set they would just represent and indicate for a drum or percussive sound will play.

You could fine tune settings like real-time volume, tempo and panning changes. You could program pitch bends, you could introduce section repeats.

One of the best features is that there was an online community forum, with users uploading any tab files they've created to an online server where the files could be shared. All the songs were text-based so they were small files.

Now, I'm not sure if a midi-based program would work the same on an Android, or even if at all, but I spent a lot of time back in the early 2000s learning guitar, writing and making some sick tunes and and putting down musical ideas with this app

Any help hunting down a version that would run on my phone would be amazing.


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