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Help Lose mobile data when leaving wifi signal.


Apr 3, 2022
Ive recently got a pay monthly contract with Tesco Mobile. The phone I chose was a Samsung S21 FE 5G.

Number transfer went through fine. Every time I leave home or work (Wifi) I lose my mobile data and have to turn on/off airplane mode.

Ive spoke to Tesco mobile and they have sent me through a few troubleshooting options.

1. Take out sim clean it and insert again (No luck).
2. Send new settings for network (No luck).
3. Reset Network settings (No luck).

I can still call and send test but just can't do anything which uses my mobile data.

Anything else I can try before sending the sim back as I would be out of contact for 5 days.

If toggling airplane mode restores mobile data, then I doubt it's a sim issue. It sounds like you have mobile data either limited or network scanning turned off. Android prioritizes Wi-Fi since those connections do not use mobile data -- especially for prepaid or data-limited accounts. In an ideal world, the phone should be able to evaluate all available data connections and connect to the fastest, but this world is less than ideal.

Check through your network settings to make sure you have scanning for networks turned on, data limiters turned off and auto-connect enabled.
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Odd that using Reset Network settings didn't help. If you take a look at the selected APN entry buried in your Settings menu, does it resemble these Tesco parameters?
Do both your phone's APN options and Tesco's posted APN options match exactly?
The Tesco APN should be automatically added when you insert its SIM card but as is but if not, perhaps there's just some glitch that involves some kind of discrepancy. Try creating a new APN entry using those posted parameters, select that new entry, and restart your phone. Hopefully that helps fix your mobile data problem but if not, you can always just select the original APN entry.
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