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Help Lost "Copy Code" functionality after Samsung update

Prior to taking the latest Samsung update for my Galaxy Note20 Textra had a 'copy code' option for messages containing one time passwords/verification codes on the pop-up notification that showed when I received a message with an authentication code. Now since the update the UI is a little different with a bubble that stays on the screen until I drag it to the "X" at the bottom of the screen and there's no option for copying the code.

Under the changelog, for Version 4.33 (23 November 2020) I see:
  • For one time passwords (OTP) received in Textra, when you tap (not long hold) a bubble and tap COPY, the OTP code will be highlighted for quicker copying.

Is there any way to get this functionality back with Textra?

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You could revert back to the older version, but you will lose all the app data because you must uninstall the version you have and reinstall the older version.

Then there is the issue reappearing again when the next update comes around.

Here is the link for that older version of Textra.

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