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Help Lost Microphone


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Jan 23, 2011
My Galaxy A12SM-A 125U microphone stopped working so I searched for a fix. Every suggestion began with "restart the phone" (which makes sense) but still could not find a fix. I have restarted my phone about 6 times and still no microphone access. I can make and receive phone calls but I can no longer dictate messages and notes. I foolishly decided to reset my phone (BAD idea). Now my microphone still doesn't work and I have to reconfigure my phone which looks like it'll take days; and still no microphone.
Initially I wanted to root this phone but could not get clear instructions. My last phone was rooted (Galaxy S5) and I miss that simplicity.
Would love to root this phone but either way I must fix the mic.

Any help is appreciated,

I'd rule out a hardware problem being as it works during phone calls. The factory reset would have fixed any sort of firmware glitch. That leaves software as the main suspect. Any new apps installed with permissions that might be the culprit? Are there any settings that might have changed in your note or message apps? I wish I had more to offer.
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Thank you for your reply. The other message I got was Mic can't work in "incognito" mode. Looked and cannot find what that refers to.

Quick Edit: (Speaker Phone works!) but still cannot dictate to notes program(s) or g-board. Checked all settings and programs; none have changed as far as I can tell. Please help:(
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