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Help Low quality photos after shooting video


Jun 18, 2012
Hi all,

Very weird new issue with my S3.

Occasionally (and often) my S3 has started to take low quality photos with the stock camera app.

This generally happens after I've been taking video (but that's not a hard and fast rule.)

The image size remains; 3264 x 1836 is always the pixel count, but the image size drops down from the standard (over 1.5mb) to a few hundred kilobytes.

According to the image settings within the app, the camera is still set to 'Superfine' setting, even though the photos clearly aren't of that quality.

I've been able to overcome this issue occasionally by going into settings, not changing anything, and backing out. Generally that ensures that the next photo will be the proper Superfine quality, but that's not strictly always the case either, sometimes the next photo will still be a tiny 300kb snap.

Has anyone else had this issue? Like I've said, it generally follows taking video with the phone.




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