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Dec 10, 2013

I'm new here and to android so need some help :). Not sure I'm posting right, but bear with me :).

[UPDATE: lyrics issue solved, minor issues stated in another post]
I was wondering if it's possible (I think it should be) to have lyrics on my default player. I have LG Optimus L9 II (D605). The default music player it came with is called "Music". I tried a bunch of apps, but most seem to be some messy player with lyrics, a few displays lyrics as a pop up, notification, separate from my player. I want to see the lyrics in my "Music" player.
For many songs I already have lyrics embedded in the file. Shouldn't it display it?

I actually saw lyrics once on my "Music" player. I have lyrics for one song, how that happened - no idea. Can I see my install history? Maybe I uninstalled the app which managed that somehow as I don't seem to be able to duplicate it. I searched my files and that songs seems to have a html file (doesn't look like lyrics), but maybe it has to do something with it.

So far the best I could find:
Airlyrics - separate pop up and has an annoying table of contents on the top with a line across text. No idea how to get rid of it.
mediamonkey beta seems to best so far, shows lyrics, plenty of functions, but I hate how dark it is. Is it possible to change app's colors (the app itself doesn't have that feature)

Other apps I tried:
Lyrics grabber is simply a search engine, you browse through your songs on that app, to view lyrics, so you actually have to manually search
Musixmatch isn't free, the design is very dark. Doesn't work with my player
Pimp my music - adds, displays lyrics, can add manually it seems. But lyrics from here don't show up on my player. [UPDATE: it does show up, but is very glitchy and not recommended for massive edit of songs]
Poweramp seems to be using musixmatch to search lyrics. Shows lyrics on separate pop up.
Player. Lags a little and doesn't display lyrics automatically, searching manually doesn't find. Doesn't work with my player.
Tunewiki seems more like some browser than music player, more than half of the screen is taken by things I don't need.

Basically I want to have a normal functional music player like my 4 year old phone has without paying for something what should be free.
If you know some good, free music player, please recommend. Important features: easy to use, lyrics, ratings, easily made playlists, not dark theme.
If you know a good app to add lyrics to my music player or a way to put lyrics in the music files, so it can be displayed, please share. It's so frustrating since I already had this problem solved with my old phone.I just played all the songs on my PC with songbird, it saved lyrics in the file and my old phone player shows them without any problems. Now just do the same for my new one...
AFAIK song lyrics are usually contained in an LRC file, that has the same file-name as the associated MP3 and is in the same folder. LRCs are plain-text files that contain the actual lyric text as well as timing info, so the music player can display and highlight them karaoke style.

Many Chinese phones' default music players have this as standard. XingPlayer supports LRCs and works fine.

As for making your own LRC files, there's a useful website for that.
LRC Generator

I know lyrics can be embedded in the MP3 tags, but I think that might be an Apple thing and only works with iTunes probably. A few MP3 players can choke on things like this as well, similarly with embedded album art. If the MP3 is clogged with stuff the player can't deal with.
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Thanks for the response, will have to check it out.
Now taking a little break after a few days of messing with my players.

English not my first language, so I have trouble explaining things and tend to drag on, so I wrote a short version :).

In short

  • lyrics need to be edited on pc
  • rocket player - good, functioning player, nice UI, playlists, lock screen 5 stars
  • adding lyrics on phone - pimp my music, glitchy but does work 3-4 stars use with caution


  • playing all results found using search in main player, rocket player
  • fixing songs author, title for every player - kind of solved - editing in main player edits in rocket player, but not in other players. Editing in pimp my music not a sure deal.
  • wma files in main player are added to separate list, making artist/songs list into 2 lists, with tho alphabets one after the other.
  • lyrics for wma files.
Would like to:

  • shake to change song with rocket player or main player.
In long :D :

I managed to add lyrics by tag editor on my PC (don't know why I had to redo it, since many songs already had that info). But after this my mp3 files show lyrics on most players, the default music player too.
I seem to found some info that any messing with tags, lyrics is shown after transferring everything to pc and then back to phone.

I also tried pimp my music. Disappointing at first, it's a little glitchy but once you work it out it does add lyrics to all players. Most important never ever press the home button, it will always crash, best just go back back and select exit app. After this procedure, the song got updated fine, lyrics added instantly, didn't even needed to reopen the song.
Changing title, author is more tricky - updated only in rocket player. Maybe default player is just slow, but it adds lyrics, covers instantly so not too sure...
After doing some testing, editing a song in pimp my player, I have trouble finding it :D. Rocket player as always finds everything, but main player AND the storage search gives zero results. I even went to the file and played it, still nothing. And it did rescan after edit as always. Restarting phone solved the issue.
3-4 stars depending on how much it crashes and some say it can cause problems, like corrupt files etc. So I think best to use PC for most tag editing, only use it for the songs which are still missing lyrics.

music player
So far the best music player for me, mostly free (no adds, just some very advanced options I don't plan to use limited) is Rocket palyer. Since I have white phone, chrome skin looks quite nice. It shows embedded lyrics with no problems. Has live playlists and you can make playlists for other players too (choosing to use android system). So I can make fancy playlists and play them on other players too (some players are a little slow on adding these new playlists to their libraries).
As for rocket player it has most of the features I want: ratings, easy and advanced playlist creation, can browse folders, nice user interface, shows lyrics.
Love that you can use it as lock screen so phone is locked but you can change songs, see lyrics and so on. Also can use headset buttons to next song.
Place for improvement - changing songs to next by shake and I don't like that when browsing the player, you only see the pause button, no next button. It has a very nice widget, so not hard to change songs, but would like to change them while browsing too. And could look for lyrics automatically, like mediamonkey. But I can use pimp my music for that or pc.
So really a 5 star rating.

playing search results !?
Also haven't found a way to play all songs from search results. For example, I am looking for all songs by one artist but it has many songs with other artists (feat), so it almost every songs has "different" author and no way to select all and play in either rocket player or main player.

wma files are strange. They got sorted separately from mp3. So I had a list of authors for wma songs, after them went the list for mp3. So pressing on an alphabet to quick jump didn't work since there were two lists in one, two a, two b.... Solution, was to remove wma files, since I didn't have many and will convert them to mp3, but still don't think it should discriminate files according to type :D. Also no lyrics for wma.

If anyone has any ideas about wma files and search results please share.
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