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Madden 12 corrupted graphics/black screen


Android Enthusiast
Dec 8, 2010
I just upgraded from an LG Vortex to a Motorola Droid X2. Madden 12 worked pretty well on the Vortex, but for the X2, the graphics are corrupted. I've uninstalled, wiped the data, re-downloaded the app, etc. but nothing seems to fix the issue.

I purchased the app from the App Market when I had my Vortex and it worked just fine. But definitely, on the X2, it won't work.

EA Support hasn't been of any help either.

Anyone else having issues with this and/or has a fix?

I tried running Madden 12 on different configurations of my X2:

1) Non-rooted 2.2.2
2) Rooted 2.2.2
3) Non-rooted 2.3.3
4) Rooted 2.3.3

I've tried using Supercharge configurations as well and nothing seems to fix the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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