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Help mail address

how can i remove my old mail address or a wrong address in android 12/13 mail app ? my google contact mail does not have them.
even a wrong typed mail address and a good one are saved at once by my app.later it's not possible to delete them.
i use blue/type mail app of the same developers who don't know how to remove them!
i also notice that this also happens in other apps.
Something to keep in mind is the Blue Mail app is an email app, so your expectation that the Blue Mail developers should fix your Contacts problem is not their responsibility. Any email app, Blue Mail or whichever, work with email. The Contacts app on your phone is what handles your email addresses and user contact information, so when you need to remove an old or incorrect email address, you do so in the Contacts app.
In other words, your Blue Mail email app only refers to the Contacts app when it needs an email address, it does not control them.

There's also a complication in its not clear if you have the Contacts app on your phone synced with your online Google account. If it is, in that case your Contacts database is managed and maintained by Google's online servers, and the Contacts app on your phone only links to your Google account remotely (via WiFi or cellular connectivity). If you don't have it synced, the Contacts app is what manages and maintains your Contacts database (and unless you have your own backup solution set up, is a very risky practice because all your Contacts info is only stored on your phone.)

But all that aside, look in your phone's Contacts app when you need to edit or remove your email addresses.
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many thanks for your explanation which does not solve my problem-wish...my google contact app is empty and i don't use it and therefore i switched it off. who keeps these addresses? i see them on this mail app but its impossible to remove it! the software let save automatically an address but it does not allow deleting it! Strange and not nice .i think each mail software is responsible for this kind of impediments ...
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OK, if you're not relying upon the Contacts app on your phone, the only other alternative is your contacts list info is being retained and managed by whichever email service you're using. You've referred Blue Mail but that's just the app, it's whichever email service you're using that you need to focus on. So is it Gmail? MS Outlook? Yahoo Mail? Your carrier's email service?
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