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Make camera save photos to a project-specific place?


Nov 30, 2021
I am about to take a bunch of photos of stuff that belong together. The camera apparently saves all photos to a single location. Creating an album is something you have to do after the fact, in Gallery. This seems very disorganized to me and creates an unnecessary manual step with opportunity for errors.

What I would like is for every time I take a new picture, for that picture to be automatically associated with a specific project I selected beforehand - so the photo is placed automatically in a project-specific photo album or in a project-specific folder. Is this possible with some custom Camera app, maybe?
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Yeah, I can't imagine how this could be done without you manually selecting where to automatically save photos to whichever directory you want.

Basically, how do you think any app can read your mind and then redirect the Camera app to do this for you? At this time, there's a lot of buzz about different AI services that will in the future be able to do this but we have long, long way to go before there is actual, consumer-level mind-reading technology that can work in a smartphone.
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Basically, how do you think any app can read your mind and then redirect the Camera app to do this for you?
I'm not talking about any AI services or mind reading. I mean that I want to select, in the Camera app, which project I'm currently working on, and until I change the current project, all new photos taken will be saved to that project - whether that means adding them to an album, putting them in a directory, or maybe adding metadata to the photo.

You know, the way it works in practically any app for PCs. Things should get saved to the project folder you're working in.

What I settled on was to copy all my current photos to a different place so my DCIM directory was empty, so I can now fill it up with my project photos. It's not a great workflow but at least it removes the risk of manually selecting the wrong photos in Gallery.
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Some camera apps let you specify the folder you save to in their settings. If your stock camera doesn't allow that then the Open Camera app certainly has that option (I just checked).

Albums in gallery apps are typically based on tags rather than locations, so for that you'd presumably need both to be able to set a custom tag in the camera app and for the gallery app to use that to select images and make an album. As it happens, Open Camera does have settings for 2 custom tags, "Artist" and "Copyright", so if your gallery app of choice can make albums based on either of those tags you could also do it using one of those tags (neither of my gallery apps seems to take note of either, but I may have missed a setting or there may be others that do).
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