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Help Malware distributing website detects operating system?


Jan 3, 2022

I am currently receiving SMS messages trying to distribute the Android based FLU BOT malware.

The script that the websites run can detect the legitimacy of the operating system. If you try to access the website hosting the malware on anything other than an Android device, it re-directs you to a legitimate website.

Thus, I have tried user agent switchers and Android emulators, however, it can still detect that i am not using the actual operating system.

I have made sure the screen resolution is that of a mobile device. The IP range of the desktop is a non-mobile ISP, however I don't think that would be the issue as surely victims would access the malware website on their private WiFi connection? Browser leakage websites also cannot detect the OS on the desktop when using an emulator.

Is anyone aware of how they are detecting the operating system (fingerprinting)?
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An Android emulator is just software running inside of a host operating system, in your example Win10. It's that Win10 PC that's connected to a local network, that is itself then connected to router-modem, that's connected to the Internet. It's that base operating system that's connected either by wire (Ethernet) or wrielessly (WiFi) to the router, and any online traffic to and from your virtual Android set up still has go through that Win10 PC connection. If you need to cut back on that chain of translated IP addresses, don't use an emulator. Just start using an actual Android device. Or start being more vigilant and responsible about your web browser habits, and switch to more privacy-focused web browsers like Firefox Focus or Brave.
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