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Map Pixel phone to PC w/drive letter


Sep 21, 2022
Is there a way to assign a drive letter to an android phone?

I recently purchased a Pixel 4A. I’ve been attempting to connect the phone to my laptop PC via a mapped drive letter. I have been able to do so using WebDAV. I ran the code “net use X: http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx” entering WebDAV’s assigned IP which may have done what’s expected. However, when I open File Explorer, I do not see “X” drive as an assigned network drive. I can locate the drive from a command prompt so apparently the drive assignment worked. However, when I enter a DIR command to see what’s located in X:\, nothing is listed. What I’m looking for is the DCIM folder.

What my ultimate goal is to write some simple batch file or powershell code to copy all photos from the phone to a specific laptop folder. I want to do this with little/no additional input from the user (i.e., a simple one click operation).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Steve K.
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Thank you both for your quick and concerned responses.

As I noted, I’ve been attempting to create some simple “one click” solution for my technologically challenged sister to automatically download all pictures from her phone to her laptop (particularly new ones not previously copied). What process that seems simple and second nature to and I (i.e., clicking here, and holding this key, and opening this program, and viewing photos, and selecting photos, and moving photos, and. . .) may be a bit too daunting for her.

I was hoping to have some simple routine with a desktop icon that when clicked would proceed with the backup. I was assuming if there was a way to map the phone with a drive letter where I could see all subfolders like a standard file structure, this would be quite easy.

If I understand this correctly, this may have been possible in the past using USB Mass Storage Device protocol. However, apparently for security purposes, USB MSC is no longer supported. Oh well, I tired. Maybe I’ll tackle this again in the future but for now I guess I will let it pass.

Again, thanks for your input – much appreciated,
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