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Marginal Screen Size on the HD


Deleted User

As I compared the colors of an S3, DX, and the Atrix HD, I found the 4.5" screen on the Atrix showed LESS than my 4.3" DX. I really don't like on screen buttons.
When I went to the internet, my DX showed a couple lines, maybe .10 more than the Atrix. Since the Razr HD will be about .10 larger at 4.6" it will actually be the same size as my current DX. I was hoping for a larger screen. Even in GPS, it was smaller.
What apps use full screen with soft keys?
I'd assume video players. That will be nice since I do watch a lot of movies on my DX.
What else does?
I'm wondering about my Gameloft games. To exit the games I have, I use the back hard key and home hard keys on the DX. On a game, will the soft keys be a permanent part of the display even when playing? If not, how do you exit the game?
At least the Razr HD with soft keys will be exactly the same as my DX and not smaller like the Atrix. Still bummed though. Loved the S3 4.8 screen. It was HUGE and I loved it's size.
Perhaps Motor will follow suit with HTC, that are updating phones like the X with an option to remove the navigation bar and activate by long pressing.

Your are correct that the actual space the user has is 4.2". Complete waste of display space and easy to touch by accident.

I agree about the waste of space. I could deal with a long press to bring up a menu. I need to lay hands on a soft key device an play really.
Lets say angry birds. With soft keys, I assume there will always be soft keys displayed to exit the game making the nice 4.5" actually 4.2". Sucks. But if you used the full display and did a long press to bring up the soft keys, ya, that would work for me. Good compramise.
I know there are a few die hards for soft keys, but I think most people would rather have the same keys in the same spot every time and the full display size, reguardless of what Google intended.
I think the intent was to make smaller phones without buttons or the screen larger with no hard buttons. It doesn't seem that has taken place except on the Nexus wiht a 4.65 screen. The razr line has not made their phones smaller at all. Even with soft keys, there is a ton of wasted space under the screen. Go figure.
I think the S3 is about right. Hard keys and a large display. Too bad the phone has other issues (I returned it).
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