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Help Massive Thumbnail File Issue.

I recently tried to figure out why so much of my phone storage seems to be taken up by what appears to be nothing whatsoever. To do this, I downloaded a storage analyser and discovered not one but two massive thumbnail files in my DCIM folder. After combing through some other forums I opted to delete them to free up that precious storage. Following that, I noticed one of them kept auto-populating. Furthermore, even though the other one was not reappearing, no storage space had been freed up. After deleting the other one again I immediately followed with a reboot. Now, not only is the storage still taken up, but the thumbnail file is no where to be found. Upon re-running the storage analyser app it's now showing that the storage is taken up by system files that can't be deleted. Does anyone know a solution? I would like to avoid a factory reset if at all possible but, at this point, that's starting to look like my only option.


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