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Men are killing malls

zuben el genub

Extreme Android User
Jan 24, 2011

OK by me.

I have to shop online. This town carries variant of whatever is popular in all stores and nothing else.
If you want something different, online is the only place to go. Even stores like Wally World, Lowes, and Home Depot do shop on line. You order and pay online and pick up whatever at a local store.

I prefer Amazon-type shopping. I can buy a new phone or app, a storage cabinet, a tool and household goods like towels and kitchenware in one place.
For me, the nearest 'grouping of stores' is 20 miles away.... I'm in a rural area....

I hate malls, you have to walk too damn far, lo0king for something specifically, and it won't be there anyway.
just wasted my whole day...

So, I use www.searchtemptest.com and let it do the walking.... it finds things on eBay and Amazon fast, and it zeroes in on the "item that I want" and not 10,000 related items of interest to you type crap.

I am quite content to order online, it saves me fuel $$$, saves me an enormous amount of aggravation, and let's me read my ebook reader in my recliner at home.... and Ding Dong! your order is here.
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