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Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Help with problem plz.


Android Enthusiast
Aug 3, 2012
I need some of your guys' expertise!!

I have a metropcs CDMA Galaxy S3 CDMA I recently ported my old number to a different carrier and activated a new account with metropcs (which I am going to give my brother)

Before doing this, I made a back up using TWRP. I was on CM11 version 11-20140805-SNAPSHOT-m9-d2lte

This is where the problem is, when I do a factory reset in CM 11, it removes my MDN and MIN, PRL is 0, I can't make a call/use internet/send txt and I have an "R" next to the bars.

I returned to stock and it stays the same (searching for service unknown MDN MSID 1110000000) PRL 0. So I enabled the hidden menu and changed MDN MSID manually, but when the device reboots it reverts to blank MDN and MSID 1110000000

Restoring the backup I made using TWRP restores all my settings and phone service is restored, but so is all my personal information which I want to remove before giving it to my brother.

Any help will be appreciated!


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