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Root [MetroPCS/CDMA] Updates/Flashing/Rom question


Dec 19, 2013
First I'm new to this flashing thing sort of - I'll explain that at the end.

So, if I flash my S3 I will no longer receive firmware updates from MetroPcs (MP)? But, I can re-flash at some future date to get the latest "what" - Android enhancements and/or needed MP updates?

What about the roaming lists etc. that get updated by MP?

OK, the sort-of from my intro. I had a Sprint phone and went to a third party company that flashed my phone to MP and added some "stuff" provided by an MP tech. Yeah, I now had an MP phone functioning on 3G (few years ago), but the roaming did not behave like my wife's phone purchased from MP at the same time.

So, you can see my motivation to be cautious. Right there with ya bsquirrel.
the sch-r530m is metropcs' branded sgs3. the cdma one that I primarily work on actually. so nothing in this thread is relevant to you. im going to request this conversation be moved to the proper space. for us we have metro's updates or custom roms, you have stock ones like #2 or metropolis. or aosp ones like Cyanogenmod and more. stock ones are based on touchwiz and keep all the phones major features, while aosp is like having a google device.
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