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mhl cable and Skype using tv


Dec 27, 2013
I am really new.
I used the mhl cable to watch video and do stuff on my tv.

I was trying to get Skype on tv via my mhl but it mirror my camera image while the person I talk to show on my phone but not on tv.
I am glad to read that there are success that got the person on tv, how do you do it?

Please help.
What device are you using cteguma? Perhaps a look into that area could be rewarding. If you can't find that area, we will leave you a link once you let us know your device.

I use a note 3, similarly also use note 2 and 1 with mhl hdmi connection to normal led tv (not smart TV). I uses this methods to let my son play games on my phone or watch video via display in the tv.... sort or mirror the display.

Recently, I tried to use Skype with this method and hope to use the phone camera to record is and to have the opposite image displayed on my tv.
However, only or image on this side get displayed on the tv while the opposite image is on my phone. ....I had wanted the reverse, ourselves could be a small image on phone while my caller is on big tv screen.

Recall I read one of the part Jeter that the guy day he carries the mhl cable every where and specifically reported that he could get the caller image on the tv in his hotel room for conferencing. .... so that show that it can be done.
However, I can't retrieve that post and hence not able to get that person to explain how it works or how he gets it to work.

Can anyone help give some advice.
The Skype conference is for my 80+ year old mother in law to speak with her far away sister in uk.
The image on the phone is to small for her especially when her did try to show her a walk through her home in UK which I think excited the old folks and important for them.

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