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Migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio 4.2.1


Jun 23, 2021
I use several apps I developed starting back in 2006 so I'm not new to Android programming in Eclipse...Android Studio is another beast.

I haven't modified any of my apps since 2019 and they have been stable since then on any platform I've used, typically my Samsung phone(s) and multiple tablet brands.

My issue is that my Windows computer died. I replaced it with a new one and realized that now might be a good time to migrate to Android Studio...I'm only a decade behind but things were working great so why mess with it...yada, yada, yada.

Here's the problem: I used the "importing" option in AS 4.2.1 to create a project for one of my apps, thinking I would learn on that one before plunging in on all the others. I fully expected to have some growing pains yet I didn't count on not being able to even get a build started. Yes, I expected code changes but not build script changes that don't work.

Gradle is foreign to me so I was surprised to find the build aborted on attempting to find "com.android.tools.build:gradle:4.2.1" in the "jcenter" repository, et. al. when these are part of the AS importation added by AS. I could accept if this was an error due to an old location provided by Eclipse or my build but this was a change implemented by AS 4.2.1.

I've searched deeply on fixes for this that always require adding/modifying the repositories in the script as well as dependencies and I've attempted those without any success. I realize I'm now a "newbie" all over again yet it isn't clear to me just what the repository should be; I've tried adding "Maven" and "Google" as I found in some other suggestions without any success.

Forgive the newbie question since I hate to ask this because I suspect it has been asked a zillion times already yet I'm stumped on what is expected. I hate to go back to Eclipse since most of the world is using AS.

Thanks for any help you can provide. The good news is my apps are all still working; this is just me trying to duplicate my apps in a new system so I can update them if necessary in the future. I don't really want to redesign them from scratch just to have a way to update them later if I don't need to do that.


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