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Misc Computer Problems


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Oct 16, 2011
I have the occasional problem with my pc as I am sure everyone does, and rather than starting a new thread for every time I run into one I thought I'd make a thread that would be for any miscellaneous problems, for anyone.

So if you have problems you can post here and someone can answer it here. This way we can create less threads that have a couple replies that solve the problem.

Anyway my problem today is my computer case fans lights just stopped working, all of them. The fans still spin, but the lights are no longer shining.

Little info on my pc: After I am done using it for the day I will do a proper shut down, and it will stay off until I or my fiancee needs to use it.

The case is a NZXT Phantom, and it does have a fan control on it that is stock (they are little sliders), and from what I can tell they have no affect anymore. Before when you turned it down it would dim the light on the fan that you adjusted, but now it doesn't look as if the fan slows down or speeds up with the adjustment.

Could it be PSU problems? I have a corsair modular 850 watt psu, and everything in the pc is less than a year old

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help
The computer still works OK, apart from the illumination and the case fans? It's not crashing or freezing or rebooting by itself? Sure that rules out the PSU and the mainboard. Corsairs are good quality PSUs anyway. More than likely the problem is within the case. Think there's a circuit board in the front(or where the control sliders are) which is fed from the PSU, that connects to the illumination LEDs and the case fans. Might just be a duff or lose connection. Is this a rig you built yourself?
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Yes there is a circuit board on the fan controller, but to power to each fan is the same cable connection as the illumination of the lights. ( I think that is what you were describing)
No crashing, nothing out of the norm except the illumination, and the controllers don't actually control the speeds of the fans anymore. I watched the temps of all major components, and nothing seemed to be at a dangerous high while in use.
Yes this is a custom built by myself.

I had just read that sometimes the cause of above issue is due to the psu not supplying enough power to the fans. But I will check the connections when I shut down tonight. Thanks for the reply!
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I assume the CPU and graphic card fans are still running? if they weren't you more than likely would get crashing, freezing and shutdowns. The problem is more than likely is within the case. It is worth checking connections, as is apparently only the case fans and illumination are affected. But if it's the controller in the case malfunctioning, they'll have to be a warranty job.
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