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missing gallery icon

Harry - thanks for the suggestion. My problem is that the gallery icon is NOT present in the pages of applications that I have. It just isn't anywhere on my SIII at this time.
I take it, you tried with shutting off the phone and restarting it again.

So, if your problem is furthermore present, there are two options for a work around :)

1 Use a better gallery like QuickPic, free in Play Store.

2 Install EStrongs File Explorer and open it. Tap on AppMrg (app manager), button change to All, tab on All.
The go to your gallery and have a long press on its name. On the pop up menu choose Shortcut.
Now your gallery's icon should be on your home screen again :)

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I had turned it off and even had removed the battery (I have to do this if and when the unit hangs up for network capabilities).
I did get quickpic and loaded the camera app and it works fine. Just for grins, I did try the second method of installing the ESsrongs file explorer and doing what you said; however, there was no icon with the name Gallery. It went from "Galaxy S3" to "gmail."

Hey, it works! Thanks for the assistance.

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