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Help Missing SD Card Apps; Can't reinstall


Jul 25, 2017
My problem is slightly different from the ones I've been able to find online.

Last night my HTC One M8 died and all the apps which were moved to my SD card were gone when I turned my phone back on. They are not displayed on my home screen or app list, and they are not "installed" according to google play store. I also checked if they were hidden but they're not. The odd thing is that if I try to download and install one of my missing apps, then I get error code 504 or 505 from the play store, but I can freely install any app other than the missing ones. I will also get an error if I try to install the apk file of a missing app manually. I feel like either the apps or their data is still on the internal memory.

Does anyone have suggestions other than a factory reset?

Things I have tried:

1. soft/hard reboot
2. clear google cache/data
3. App: All-in-one toolbox
4. Removing the SD card: I checked to see if I could install the apps without the SD card, but I get the same error.

Additional info:

1. Android version 6.0
2. I used App Manager III (App 2 SD) to move the apps


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