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MixZing Player


Jan 3, 2010
Ok this is in regards to album art. I have an X10 and it irritates me that when I look in my photos I get all my album art mashed in there with them. I don't want to have to write all my album art into the ID3 tags if I don't have too so im trying to find a walk-around to keep the art but also keep it from showing up in my photos.

I thought maybe about using a photo vault type app and placing all the album art as private and hoped that I could name a specific folder (the vault folder) for MixZing to look for the album art but I can't seem to make it work. Anyone have any ideas??

Also anyone with an X10, do you know where mediascape saves the album art by default? I thought I had found the folder in Astro "albumthumbs" so I deleted all the stuff in there but all the album art is still there. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.


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