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more of a programmer request than an app but i want to make a game

Jack Daniels

Well-Known Member
Apr 27, 2010
ok the idea is simple enough but tons of potential you use the scanner to scan barcodes and instead of getting a readout of what it is and where to find it you get a Monster or a robot or something depending on how the game were setup (me and a few people have some ideas but need a programmer) or parts or food or a battle that could drop more of the same or special items. then there is the duel aspect were people that have the game can dual locally via gps using the sprites and items or globally via a battle system to earn status,hold territory and other things we have a much broader idea of what we want but im just giving an idea. i know little about c++ or java to do the programming my self and my friends just know the basics enough to fool around.


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