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Morse program on Nokia 2.4.


Apr 30, 2021
Hello, Here I am again with another problem for you to help me with. I have morse code training program which I downloaded from the internet, it is a free program. My question is can I put it on my phone. I have tried but the phone tells me that it cannot open it. The phone is a Nokia 2.4. Thank you all.
Hello again. I should have said that I downloded the morse program to my computer and it works there ok.

I assume your computer is running Windows, and that it isn't a Mac or Linux or something. You probably downloaded an EXE program. For Android you need APK apps. I'm sure there's plenty of morse code apps in the Google Play store, for ham radio use etc.
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Programs (or applications or "apps") are written for a particular operating system and won't run on a different one. Your PC operating system is Windows, your phone is Android. Programs/apps written for one are not compatible with the other. Therefore you can't just take a program made for your Windows PC and use it on your Android phone.
Not to worry though, just go to the Google Play store and search for apps with the terms "Morse Code". You'll find plenty of Android-compatible Morse apps.
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Hello, Thank you for your reply. The program runs ok on my laptop which has Windows 10. I do not know very much about computers and expected it to run ok on the phone but I have no idea what you mean in relation to EXE OR APK.

FYI programs are always made to run on a specific operating system, like a program that was made for Windows will NOT run on Android, and vice-versa. EXE or APK refers to the program's file suffix, e.g. morse-program.EXE, which would run on Windows. Files suffixed with APK will only install and run on Android. Same for file suffixes like DMG, which is for programs intended for MacOS.
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