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Help Most apps don't work


Dec 8, 2009
I'm trying to determine whether or not my phone is defective, or if this is a current problem with the Cliq.

Of the apps I've downloaded, only a few of them have worked. Of those few that work, some don't work right. Has anyone had problems with these apps crashing on them, or just not working correctly?

- Nice Battery (see description at bottom of: http://androidforums.com/motorola-cliq/15358-my-ultimate-cliq-settings-so-far.html)
- WeatherBug (kept showing the wrong location, crashed when trying to change location)
- Snake - doesn't work just says its "paused"
- RingDroid - crashes when I select the "Facebook Pop" button
- Layar - screen is rotated 90 degrees at all times

There have been others, but usually I just uninstall them right after discovering it doesn't work right.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm new to the Cliq, but not new to mobile devices so maybe there's just something specific I need to do.

I noticed the thing with Layar, but I didn't think much of it.

RingDroid works fine for me, what "Facebook pop are you talking about? You mean the actual sound effect that comes with the Facebook app? That's weird, I don't have the Facebook app installed at the moment so I can't test it out but I'm guessing maybe because it's either too short or it's already a notification, not too sure.

I don't know about the other apps, I don't use them. But yeah the Layar thing is a little annoying.
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On my Ringdroid, when I open it I have a search box, a "record new" button, and then one line below that with "Facebook Pop" with a bell symbol next to it. If I touch that "Facebook Pop" area I get this:

"Sorry! The application Ringdroid (process com.ringdroid) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
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I'm assuming you have the Facebook app installed, because that's where that file comes from. It gets saved in your notification tones folder on your SD card (that's what the bell symbol means, it's a notification tone). So Ringdroid sees it because that's where it saves whatever you make as well. I'm guessing it's just the file that's maybe protected or something? Not too sure.

But it's not really too much of a big deal, it's literally just that sound effect Facebook Chat makes.

Oh and Layar works perfectly now!
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