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Motion activated super slow-mo video capture


Jan 16, 2016

Have any S21 owners experimented with the motion activated, super slow-mo functionality for video recording ?

I've always used my phones to take lots of video and photos of the wildlife in my garden and on paper this super slow-mo feature is brilliant, particularly for recording the birds coming to feed on a rig I've built that attaches to my tripod. However, I find it virtually impossible to focus !

As with normal video and photo, it seems you can press the screen once on the area you want to be in focus and a small focusing circle appears and the phone focuses on that given area. I then drag the motion detection targeting box over that circle and at that point the phone is correctly in focus, however, as soon as I press record to arm the record function (so the phone is awaiting motion to trigger), it immediately loses focus on the subject - it always reverts to focusing on something way off in the distance.

The subject I'm trying to focus on is approx 30cm away from the phone.

Has anyone got this feature to successfully focus (and stay focused !!) on subjects relatively close to the phone ?

Many thanks for your time.
Have you tried placing an unobtrusive object somewhere within the same range that the camera will focus on?

A stick in the ground, a stick hung from an overhead branch, or even something local that appears totally natural (a whole branch, a bird's nest, etc.) should give the camera something to concentrate on at a particular distance.

Or, perhaps there is a setting in the camera app that allows you to turn off the auto-focus altogether- so that you can set the focus where you want it to be and it should not change.
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