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Help Moto Droid2 Glbl - Voice search gives server error

My Motorola Droid-2 Global model phone on Verizon wireless, stopped making voice searches for a few months now. It used to work when I first got my phone and I think it worked till May or so of 2011 (I got my phone in Dec 2010) Not a big voice search user here, but it is a nice thing to have, especially while driving in the police state of CA, wher eyou could be fined upwards of $300 if you get caught fumbling your cell while driving. Leaving the politics of the darn thing aside, why did it stop all of a sudden I don;t understand. I do not have any esoteric applications or unwarranted side loaded stuff to wreak havoc on the stock android froyo.

Does anybody else have the same problem ? More importantly if you found a solution to this, could you please share ?

I am not sure if it is pertinent but, lately, voice command understanding of the device started to suck as well. about 9 out of 10 times I speak the word "CALL" it tries to go to a playlist of some sort, which I never used on this phone. I mean there are people who speak with a heavy accent and throw the damn thing off the tracks but I do not have any significant accent and how hard could it be to recognize a simple word like CALL ?

Please help ...
Yeah I experienced the same thing on my D2 so I gave up and switched to using Vlingo for my voice commands. It seems to do everything I need and doesn't start playing a playlist as I drive down the PA turnpike when I'm trying to call someone. :D

Give it a try.

Rgds/Mark M.

Thanks for the suggestion. I might give it a try but for simple things like calling a number or making a voice search, which should be and were a part of the core operating system, adding a third party application, doesn't sound right to me. I am curious why it decided to die all of a sudden and what fixes it is more my concern. As I said, I am not a heavy voice command user, but it is always a nice to have.
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