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Help Moto g7 battery life suddenly worse

Hi all, thanks in advance for the help.

After five years with my Droid Turbo, it was flaky enough that I decided to get a new phone. My g7 is fine, does what I need, and at first I was getting two days out of the battery with my normal usage. All of a sudden, about a month ago, I couldn't get through the day. Quarantine blues? Well maybe partly, but then I started investigating.

Battery gets used up fast if I'm using it, but also when I'm not. For instance, last night I went to bed with a 100% charge on the factory charger and cable. Phone was face down and i didn't touch it all night. 7:54 later, when I looked at it, it was down to 63%.

Gsam says that's 4.7%/hr, 7:54 active.
Phone: 0%
Screen: 1%
Phone radio: 76%
WiFi active: 2%
Held awake: 21%
Bluetooth: 0%
App usage: 0%

I'm now down to 45%, after half an hour of Twitter and one text message received.

When this first started happening, a restart would give me normal battery life on the next charge. Now it doesn't.

What's up with this? I have no idea what settings to check. Could this be some sort of network issue? My hint about that is that my weather widget (gets its loc from towers since I don't have Location on) is recently showing me a tower I don't remember seeing previously. ie, instead of 'Location A, City, State' being the location it usually gives me, I'm now getting 'Location B, Different City, State.' The two cities are indistinguishable right there, and my reception is still fine - no dropped calls, etc. So I have my doubts this is the problem, but I don't know what is.

Thanks, everybody.
Update: Spent four hours out of town. In that time I checked texts and sent a few, and spent a fair amount of time on the phone. Bluetooth was involved too. At the end of four hours, starting with a full charge:

battery remaining: 86%
used 13% in 3hr 59 minutes
Phone: 1:13:16 59%
Screen: 17m 16%
Phone radio: 3hr 59min 23%
held awake 2%
app usage 0%

So in four hours out of town, phone radio used 23% of 13% of my battery. In eight hours last night at home, it used 76% of 37% - with nobody doing anything to it, like using it as a phone. What's up with this?
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