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Help Moto or OnePlus?

I can't decide between a Moto X Play, Moto G 2015, One Plus X, and One Plus 2 to purchase as my next phone. OR should I wait to see how the Alcatel Idol 4s turns out?

I really like Motorola's adaptation to Android with the Moto actions and such, but I also like the fact that the One Plus's have actual navigation keys.

Some of my questions:
Which will get updated faster?
Which has smooth and fast experience?
Which is more durable?
Is there any known issues with some one of them that would draw me to a different device?

I'm trying to keep a budget below $400

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My Moto G3 (2015) is fantastic. Since release I have never ran out of battery, I charge every night. Camera is decent. Im on MPCS and never lost a signal. 16GB, 2GB RAM, $220. I also have 32GB SD card and wireless charging with Qi receiver from ebay. Root with Resurrection Remix custom ROM. Perfect for me.
This phone has been compared to a lot of phones. If it doesn't win battle, its a mighty close fight. Check out YouTube.
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