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Moto X Pure Edition receives February Security update

Read the links, thanks.

But after what MS did with the darn 10 update on 7 and 8.1, I don't trust Google. What else is in it?

How do you either decline or postpone it for a couple of weeks to see what shakes out?

I installed the update, I didn't notice any changes, such a small update after all.
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It should still be my choice.

Now I'm going to see if I can wait it out since it has managed to p*ss me off. At least Oppo was polite about it. You got notified and left alone. I have enough data for my use without turning on wifi. If I get mad enough, I'll start thinking about rooting.

The phone is just a container for all my field guides and reference manuals. Otherwise, I only call and text. Dumb phones won't do the apps.
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