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Motorola leaving Android?

It was Android who saved Motorola from going bankrupt (Milestone/Droid).
Motorola has already left a number of international markets (India, Russia, etc), so they are becoming a local manufacturer. Perhaps, they feel the fierce competition from other manufacturers and try to create their own market (see Samsung Bada).

Anyway, I don't have much trust with them. Now we hear that Motorola will also stop making Xoom tablets in a few months (first reviews were terrible)...
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They shouldn't focus on creating a new OS trying to mimic apple's system but put more into development of blur. Most HTC users embrace sense and there are countless apps that add elements of sense to non HTC phones. Most moto users (aside from D1 users) hate blur and there are countless threads on how to remove blur elements from your phone. If they decide they can develop an OS that would compete with Android I know I will be saying "Oh no Moto...goodbye"
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Personally I don't see a possible Motorola OS as a viable alternative for at least 2 years... if not more. OS development is time-consuming and unless they're planning to mimic Google and base their OS on a Unix kernel, they've got to build themselves an OS from the ground up... and that takes more of an organizational committment than hiring a few over-paid managers to make it happen.
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