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motorola RSS widgets into ADW


Oct 27, 2010

I just tried out ADW Home Launcher for the first time. I really liked what I saw but I uninstalled it shortly after I noticed how much will go into setting up my desktop all over again.

My biggest concern is my seemingly complex RSS widget setup. I have one full screen on my vanilla 2.2 that has RSS newsfeeds divided into 4 categories, an onscreen widget devoted to each category of news, with a few dozen feeds in each coming from all over the web. I remember clearly the 2 nights I spent setting these up, and I don't see an export/import option for this (motorola) widget (droid2, came with android2.2).

I'm really hoping somebody here knows how to make it easy.

I guess I'm testing and asking at the same time (risking chastisement) but I wonder how okay it is here to bump a request thread with no real new content. It at least saves me from re-typing the same topic again!

Even if it could be made as "simple" as copying and pasting each individual link, that seems preferable to starting all over. If this thread fails again though I might just suck it up and take the plunge. At least it seemed to revert just fine on my initial trial.

Thanks again!
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