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Move file from Download to folder


Nov 7, 2022
Samsung A52 Android 12

Copied images from PC to phone. Images are in Download. I want to attach images to Text Message. But in Download they are not available to send via text or email. So I want to move or copy from Download to an accessible folder such as Photos or Gallery. But can't find any menu options to move, send, copy or drag & drop to a folder of my choice.

Share doesn't work on same phone. Google search found that inability to move files from Download is a common problem. None of the suggested answers will work in my case. I'm an experienced user. I can move files from folder to folder. Why is it so difficult to move a file from Download storage to another folder on the same phone?

PS___Image files are in PDF format. I can view the images, but Download won't allow me to open the file in Acrobat
Samsung includes a basic file manager app, look in your Apps menu for 'My Files'. If you want more extensive ability to manage files and folders, you need to use a file manager app. With My Files, you'll need to navigate to the Downloads folder, select the file(s) you want to copy or move, and then copy/move them to whichever other folder you want.
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Yeah, BTW, pdf file format is not the ideal format for sending in a text message and that is why you are experiencing such issues...
Convert your files to jpg files and tada!
Now you can send them in text messages no matter what folder you have them in.
Thanks. Apparently the PDF format was not allowed for text messages. Converted to PNG, and voila, it worked. I didn't have an email address, which would allow PDFs to be attached.
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