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Apps Move to SD - how to edit manifest


May 21, 2011
Hi all,

I've really sorry I am a typical noob who doesn't know what they are
doing but this is driving me crazy.

I have created and app, everything is fine with it. I have done it
using the dreaded app inventor. Works like a dream. It is my first

All I want to do, is add a line to the manifest to enable the app to
be moved to SD. I've read various different things about this. I know
it can be done. I even came close to doing it last night through some
random application that someone had built which extracts, decompiles
and compiles the apk for me but it errored and then a realised the
program errored when compiling when I had made no changes anyway.

Please can someone who knows what they are doing tell me specifically
how to get this done start to finish. I do not have the SDK kit I have
nothing and will be starting from scratch. I can of course get these
things but please bare in mind I have no clue how to use them so will
need to be told this in the dumbest way possible.

Please provide me with the most efficient way to do this.

As a footnote, I have been here already...http://code.google.com/p/app-
inventor-for-android/issues/detail?id=186 (this helped me learn but
got me no closer to pulling it off)

Thanks in advance, this should be dead simple for someone out there to
explain to me and I would really appreciate it.


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