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MP3 player with better no-repeat shuffle


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Jul 31, 2010
Honolulu, HI
I am looking for a better mp3 player which can shuffle my music with less repeats.

The built in App seems to play the same 20 or so songs out of over 100 all the time. I can hit next song over and over and I will hear more repeats then new songs on every press.

I would love an app that knows your shuffle from most recent play and keeps shuffling, ideally keep an overall hit count and weigh the unplayed higher then the already played to assure unique shuffle accross play sessions.
Try "PowerAmp". This is what I use, except I have the paid version. I usually don't hear the same sounds over, unless all the sounds have been played.

+1 for Poweramp. I *never* hear the same songs again when shuffling - which is on most of the time as I generally use it in the car. They have a forum over at ... PowerAMP • Index page ... and from this thread (I was looking for the same info a couple of weeks back to satisfy my own curiosity) ... PowerAMP • View topic - Problematic shuffle ... "... PowerAMP won't repeat songs when shuffled unless they actually duplicated in the source list. ...".

This backs up my own experience as I did think I'd heard the same one twice within 10 minutes but then realised that the first track had been the studio version and the second the live version, so not a repeat ...

Try it.

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Thanks, so far I like poweramp. The shuffle is much better. I don't know if it keeps repeats from happening from one play session to the next but during a session it is much better than the built in app.

I believe, from reading their forum, that the 'shuffle' will get "renewed" when you sync and add songs so you may then hear things you've recently heard.

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I know this topic is pretty old, it still appears on top of google search for a simple, good music player, especially is shuffle mode.
As a user, I wanted an app 'shuffle-oriented', allowing several convenient ways to skip a track. The thing was : my needs are different when the phone is in my pocket than when I'm driving or when it's plugged to my living-room amplifier...
Such app didn't exist at the time, but as a lucky guy, I'm also a developer ^^
here is the app, providing control using accelerometer, proximity sensor, orientation sensor...
it's called 'NEXT!', and you can find it on the market searching for 'com.zgui.musicshaker', or using this QR code :

waiting for your feedbacks !

edit: btw, the 'shuffle' never repeat a track, unless all the others have been already played ^^
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