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Help MP3 Tags not changing?


Jun 29, 2013
I have a collection of songs on my Samsung S3 that look like as if they were purchased from iTunes, because I love to have all the correct MP3 Tags, album artworks, etc. However, the MP3 Tags of some songs on my Samsung S3 were saved incorrectly so I opened up MP3 Tag Editor, and changed them. I put them back on my S3 but the tags didn't change. Frustrated after trying this again several times, I downloaded another copy of song, made the tags and everything correctly this time, put it on my S3 and the tags were the exact same (incorrect ones) from the first song, even though I deleted it off of my S3. It's going on with about 10 songs, and only with the artist names and album artwork. The names, genres, dates of the songs change, however. Also, it must be said that the problems with the artist names is the capitalization. For example, there's a song on my phone by Michael Jackson. With the edited tags, it says "Michael Jackson" but once on my S3, it says "michael jackson". It's frustrating, because I changed it to some random letters with capitals, and that worked on the S3, but whenever the artist says Michael Jackson, it's not in capitals. What can I do about this? Thanks!


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