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Multiplayer Gaming

Anyone interested in being friends on KIK or Google Talk for the purpose of setting up multiplayer matches for Android games?

All my friends with android phones don't really like playing games so now I must resort to asking you guys. I could play with random people, but it's not the same as playing with the same group of friends over and over.

My GTalk username is the same as my username on here. If you add me post a reply here listing the multiplayer games that you have. Thanks.

The multiplayer games that I have right now are:
- Reckless Racing
- Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim (I haven't really learned to play this one yet, but i'm fairly certain that it does support multiplayer :p)
- What the doodle.

I'm thinking about getting Modern Combat: Black Pegasus.

P.S. Since I didn't made an intro post in that introduction board, I'm Anthony and I'm from Toronto, Canada. Nice to meet you guys :D.


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