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Multiple chat accounts?


Dec 7, 2009
Hi all,

With Google Talk I'm automatically logged in with my main gmail account. Is there a way to add other gmail accounts to this? Or swap to a different account when I need to?

How about non-gmail accounts? Can I add an AIM account, for example? Is there an app that can manage multiple chat accounts?

I use Adium on my Mac to have 3 or 4 different chat accounts open (useful for work, people who don't have gmail etc.) and I'd love to do the same thing with my Droid.

I do not think that you can run multiple Google Talk accounts, but you could use something like Meebo or Fring to load up multiple accounts for IM. They're both in the app store, and Fring seems to be the best choice this time around for Android.

I've got a similar question --

In Gmail, on my computer, I can load in GoogleTalk inline Chat, and it's awesome... saves every conversation I've ever had and it's a huge resource for me. I love it.

I also sign into my AIM account in inline Google chat and it also saves all of those, again, it's awesome. My question is, on the Droid or any android 2.0 handset (err, the droid), can I load in my AIM account to store messages in my google account like it does in Gmail inline chat? Meebo, fring, etc., are all fine and dandy IM applications... but the whole reason I like using Google's is because it syncs and saves with Gmail... but most of my contacts are on AIM.

Any tips or help is appreciated
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