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Accessories Music player app


Oct 24, 2014
Central Ohio
I'm looking for a music player app. It doesn't need to play online radio or podcasts, just a good music player. I have FLAC and .ape files on my phone. Would like a player that has a good equalizer. What I've tested, so far, I'm not too enamored with. Must be compatible w/ Android 8.1 GO edition. So, what player do you like/works for you?
RE: mikedt
VLC Media Player?

Thank you. I'd forgotten about Foobar. Used it a number of years ago. Yup, it does the trick!!! Tried the newest VLC and they want payment for it now.

RE: James Watson

Hey James; Thanks for replying. Yeah, tried the latest "version" of VLC. Seems, now, they ask you to buy it. I D/led the free version and it was devoid of many of the features I require. I guess I could try to find a 'retro" version, but not sure if that'd work now that VLC's policies have changed. I was reminded of (TNX mikedt) Foobar 2000 and I've found it to be the player I wanted. Has all the bell and whistles and is still open source.
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