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Music playlists from hell. Please help me!


Apr 11, 2012
I like to make playlists with the songs in a specific order so they tell a story. The default Music app on my Droid Pro was great for that purpose until its last upgrade (awhile ago, but I don't recall the date). Now, when I try to move a song up or down, the app puts it in a random position in my list! :thinking: I have tried to rearrange the songs in different ways, but nothing works. Is there a way to fix this problem? I'd rather not have to download another app. I would very much appreciate someone's help with this.
Thanks, Ryan. I'm using the old app, but I found a work-around that might be helpful for others who are having this same problem. If I go into my device playlists on my Amazon music/cloud player app, I can access the playlists I have on the default Music app, change the song order, and it shows up in that order in the Music app! Who knew?! :cool:
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