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Help Music Stutters on my Moto E4 Plus when using fingerprint sensor?


Aug 2, 2017
Hi guys,
This is kind of stange and weird issue... I was listening to music the other day and whenever I put the phone in my pocket and walked, the music starts stuttering. I first thought it was a problem with headphones... but I tried multiple headphones the problem still persisted. Then I brought it down to the fingerprint sensor. Even though I don't have a fingerprint lock (nor any kind of pin/pattern for that matter) and I have turned my moto display off, the problem persists.

Model : Moto XT1770; Moto E4 plus

I am able to replicate this issue just by placing my fingers on the fingerprint sensor.
Can anybody help me guys. Thank you

Update: This problem also happens on speaker. This is not exclusive to headphones. I tried factory resetting and that didn't work too..
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