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My BH2 is Dying, I think.


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Here's the short version:

Used stock phone since release day.

The past 3 weeks or so the phone reboots itself randomly.

It kept getting worse, rebooting even more often until finally it rebooted probably 8 times a day minimum.

I got fed up and decided to do a factory reset, which I did.

The phone worked ok for a bit, but I got the idea to root it and install a new ROM.

I successfully rooted the phone.

I had trouble getting Odin to detect my phone to install 1.6. I never did flash it and did another factory reset to remove the rooting. I have to use the phone for work at the moment and just needed it to function.

Ever since I did this, the phone has been ludicsristly slow, taking up to 5 minutes to respond to anything, sometimes does not wake up, or reboots itself over and over for hours.

I have tried the factory reset a few more times, same problem. It's insanely slow and unresponsive, totally unusable.

On a side note, before any of this happened I could boot the phone and use a task killer to kill all the things that start on boot and be left with about 150mb of free memory.

After the factory reset, it's more like 60mb after all tasks are killed. From 60mb it slowly decreases as it stays on to about 28mb, or the task killer that tells me this ceases to work or the phone locks up or reboots.


I'm so fed up at the moment and I just want the phone to WORK. I don't care what OS is on it anymore, I was hoping to get it back to normal and then go from there but it's totally unusable!

I'm so fustrated I want to run over the phone with my car or throw it off a building. I can't afford to "just get a new phone" so please don't tell me that...

I was hoping to get it back to stock and then just wait for 1.6 or 2.1 to officially come down to it, but it seems I may die of old age before that happens. So not really a good option after all :( Not to mention the phone is totally useless at the moment.

PS: I found out that the reason I couldnt get the "Download Mode" screen to show up and get Odin to see the phone was because I was holding down the Send button and not the OK button during bootup. But I still have NOT actually flashed the phone! It's still stock!
Ok, had a long fustrating day at work, made worse by the fact that my phone didn't work. And I'm on the road doing IT work. No phone makes work near impossible....

Anyhow, I decided that the phone could not possibly get more broken without using a hammer and flashed it to BH_MAN's 1.6 Warheads build.

Still waiting for it to boot the first time... keeping my fingers crossed....

I think it worked! The phone is really flying now!
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So I've been enjoying 1.6 on my Behold 2 for some weeks now, but I'm having a problem with it.

The dialer is very unstable. It crashes and freezes all the time. I have to pull the battery sometimes just to hang up a phone call. If I force close the dialer app, it ends the phone call. But sometimes it does this anyway when it freezes.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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The dialer being unstable is a bug in the No Twiz roms if I am correct. I used Warheads for a bit and then switched back to the Galaxy final rom because Warheads was really unstable for me. As long as you are ok with no vibrate on your phone, you should switch to the Galaxy rom as well. It is a much faster and more stable rom, I never experience any force closes on it.
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I see. I rather like vibration, but I will give your suggestion some thought, thanks.

It's tempting to go and complain at T-Mobile about this stupid phone and make them give me a mytouch slide. I could bring it back to the factory rom and show them that it's totally unusable! :p
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I have not tried Take5, but from what I have read on it, it is a pretty stable rom.

Regardless, I am planning on calling tmobile tonight about getting the new mytouch slide. The whole "no phone left behind" statement really put me over the edge. I just feel pushed aside as a customer, and I'm pretty sure I can persuade tmobile's customer loyalty to allow me upgrade.
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